1. No swearing, only swear If the leader/owner/highest rank there says you can (Damn, and Hell you can say since they are not known as swears)= Kick, Kick, Ban= 1 hour
  2. No sexual site links= Ban for 5 hours
  3. No helping or joining enemies at a time of war= Ban Forever
  4. No Spying= Guest Ban Forever
  5. No asking to be a mod= Kick, ban for 2 hours
  6. No spamming= Kick, Kick, Kick, Ban for 1 hour
  7. No religious talk/racism= Kick, Kick, Ban for 3 hours.

Golden Rule: have fun!!

Rules for Mods and Owners

If someone is banned don’t unban them= Kick, kick, Unmod for 1 hour

Do NOT abuse your mod/owner powers, don’t kick or ban or guest or hush etc. for no reason= Kick, kick, Unmod/owner for 6 hours.

Leaders must also respect the rules, no exceptions

If you don’t follow these rules you can get your mod/ownership removed permanently


21 Responses

  1. 3rd ha i rule

  2. 4th ha

  3. you see my comment is on 5th BUT IN REAL I CALL 1ST HAHA I OWN

  4. Lol see that is oldd Alb


  6. is better then this chat go to it and u will mod or owner

  7. night wariors forever

  8. we will rule cp

  9. and destroy the sun

  10. an defeat all wariors

  11. we won

  12. i was there and we won and we did a great job

  13. I know Saw but l does want a mod or a owner….

  14. SaW on the chat why am I banished? I just went on and I am banished on there weirdly.

    • @Pokeninja2 l think it’s because bot did it if I’m wrong but just asking you this that you said banished l hate doing banished like you do anyway let battle LT!

  15. This site is no longer used. Please go to

    hey im just saying that why do we have a xat chat when we have a chat at this website? if you guys want to know the old chat then the link is here ——><—— here it is the old link, it still works but the chat has been inactive for 3 months so ya it still works

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